MAXIPRESS Stationäre Verdichtungsanlage MST-EL 2015 SK


Eigentum Wert
Drücken Sie Drucken 34 t
Außenmaße 2,136 x 2,300 x 1,850 mm
Einfüllöffnung 1,500 x 1,900 mm
Motor 5.5 kW
Gewicht 3,400 kg
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MAXIPRESS Stationary Compaction System MST-EL 2015 SK

Stationary compacting plant in short construction
for press containers for slip systems
for the compaction of paper / cardboard or residual waste
combinable with lifting / tipping devices, mobile or fixed
suitable for 120, 240, 660 and 1,100 liters - Umleerbehaelter according to DIN and special container