Vertikal Ballenpresse 5 S-K

Technical Data

Pressing force60kn
Pressing time14 sec.
Cycle time (up)19 sec.
External dimensions860 x 1.000 x 1.770 mm (Einkammer)
Charge box opening600 x 390 mm
Power Connection230 V / 50 Hz
Engine1,5 kW
Machine weight550 kg (Zusatzkammer + 200 kg)
Bale weight approx.40 - 60 kg
Bale size700 x 700 x 550 mm
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Hydraulic vertical baling press 5 S-K

  • The basic model as a chamber press can be developed at will around further press chambers.
  • With 5 t pressing power a proven, expandable, hydraulic compact press.
  • Waste materials can be pressed with extension sort clean separately to compact bales and be supplied so rationally and economically the recycling.
  • Simply tying of the bales without energy expenditure – low bale weight.
  • Stable compact construction – maintenance-poor.



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